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Monday, March 7, 2011

Read an E-Book Week

Read an E-Book Week is March 6-12, 2011.

This year the e-book turns 40 years old! Back in 1971, Michael S. Hart created the first "e-book", a digital copy of the Declaration of Independence.

Electronic books have come a long way from those simple text files. Today they include images, hot links, and even videos. Reading devices also enhance the experience by offering features such as bookmarks, highlighting, and adjustable fonts. Some even simulate the turning of a page.

Print books will never disappear. If for no other reason, they will survive as artifacts, collectibles valued as objects rather than for their content. But at the utilitarian level, since the time of the clay tablet books have been simply containers for storing and disseminating information. As such, the digital book is the most pure example. One can literally carry an entire library in one's pocket. With the help of the internet, information is now shared more widely than ever before. And there are thousands of e-books, including the most popular classics, available for free.

Dedicated e-book reading devices such as the Kindle and Nook have driven the popularity of e-books. Projections of the number of such devices in use in the United States this year tops 40 million. But one can also enjoy the same convenience, portability, and speed of the digital book on one's desktop or laptop, tablet, or even phone. Amazon offers a variety of free reading apps that will help one optimize the digital book experience. They can even be synched across all of one's reading devices.

The release of Keep God in American History by Jeffrey K. Hill and Harry F. Atwood coincides with this year's Read an E-book Week. For only 99 cents, one can support an independent author, learn about American history, and participate in the digital revolution. What better way to celebrate?!

Keep God in American History ...only $0.99!

For more information about the event, as well as lots of links to everything you ever wanted to know about e-books, visit Read an E-book Week.

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