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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Last Decadent: A Novel of Paris

We are pleased to announce the release of The Last Decadent, the first novel by Jeffrey K. Hill, in a digital eBook edition.

The Last Decadent
by Jeffrey K. Hill

In Paris, the refuge of all scorned artists, young Alexandre Guilbert struggles to live a bohemian life, skirting the fringes of madness, living on charity and helping others, indulging every whim from cross-dressing to public nudity. Painter and photographer, husband and lover, creator and destroyer, his excesses and extravagances border on the absurd. His need for identity without personality inspires the outrage of proper society, and he cannot survive his own freedom. But will he leave a legacy, despite all efforts to the contrary?

The Last Decadent casts an aggressive eye on the darkness which engulfs the City of Lights, as the glories of La Belle Epoque disintegrate into plagues of liberalism, neuroticism, and anarchy. Guilbert's story is told through the six people who exert the strongest influence on his life: demimonde lover, melancholic wife, mad friend, unscrupulous dealer, notorious seductress, and the arrogant journalist who studies Guilbert's decadence, and is changed by what he learns.

The original print edition, published in 2000, garnered a small but devoted audience. In 2002, The Last Courtesan was published, following the lives of several of the favorite characters from the first novel. A digital eBook edition of the second novel is coming soon.

Instant download of The Last Decadent is available now for Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android devices, PC, and Mac.

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Jeffrey K. Hill is a writer from Illinois whose novels focus on love, loss, and the varied affairs of the heart.

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