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Monday, August 15, 2011

Book release: Poems for Patriots

We are pleased to announce the release of a new anthology of poems from Quilldrivers titled Poems for Patriots.


In the early years of American history, patriotic poems were instrumental in galvanizing support for independence from Britain, bringing attention to the injustice of slavery, or simply keeping citizens mindful of what made the country exceptional. Featured in this collection are Katharine Lee Bates, John Dickinson, Lydia Maria Child, Edward Thomas Harden, and twenty-five others whose plain words communicated great passion. Today, these nearly forgotten poems and songs serve not only to celebrate the nation’s greatness, but also to re-engage us in the duties to our country, to remind us of the responsibilities to our children, and to honor the sacrifices made by our forefathers. They are sure to make one’s heart pound with gratitude, and encourage one’s own heroic deeds and virtuous actions.

Instant download of Poems for Patriots is available now for Kindle and most mobile devices with a free Kindle app.

buyPoems for Patriots …only $0.99!


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Jeffrey K. Hill is a writer from Illinois whose novels focus on love, loss, and the varied affairs of the heart. Follow all his literary adventures on Facebook.

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