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Sunday, June 9, 2013

New book release: Safeguarding American Ideals

Safeguarding American Ideals

In this book, originally published in 1921, Harry Atwood described the twelve keys to American foundational and functional exceptionalism, exploring the reasons behind each ideal; identifying the threats against each and the consequences of forsaking each; and setting forth a prescription for achieving each. His American ideals were the time-tested truths upon which the nation had been built, had prospered, and must stand if it would survive.

This new edition reveals for the modern reader the full historical context of the original, illustrating how the issues of the past relate to the issues of today, and how the solutions remain the same. Atwood's public speeches are also referenced to expand and detail the points made in his book.

Though this book is of an historical, rather than political, nature, it is interesting, if not instructive, to note how events of recent years so closely mirror those of 100 years ago. Because of those similarities, the book Atwood wrote in 1921 still has profound relevance today.