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Sunday, November 10, 2013

New Book Release: Harry F. Atwood Speeches

Harry F. Atwood Speeches

Harry F. Atwood was, among many things, a prize-winning collegiate orator and a highly praised professional speaker. This book reproduces nine of his speeches from the years 1905 to 1921 which address many issues that are still with us today. We cannot hear the passion of his delivery, or feel the magnetism of his personality, but reading his books and speeches gives us a sense of the man and his ideas, and reminds us that often the best solution to any problem is found through education and information.

“Atwood has the splendid and unusual faculty of teaching people to think—and a thinking person is the formidable foe of fallacious panaceas. Through him we have the assurance of better things.”

This book is a great companion to Atwood’s other books Safeguarding American Ideals and Keep God in American History, both available from Quilldrivers.

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